Texas Region Collection

Texas Region Collection


This awesome soap box has everything you love about the vast Texas landscape from the desert canyons to the tall Texas pines and everything in between.  It features bars from each of the seven regions all packaged in one amazing gift box.


Panhandle Plains is a region known for mostly flat, grassland or plains. Sometimes this land is also called the Llano Estacado. The land is mostly treeless and is with a big blue sky, golden plains and green plateaus that highlight the stark beauty of this land. 


Prairies and Lakes is a bar that represents the grasslands and lakes of North Texas. This bar has the unique aquamarine colors of many local lakes. 


Piney Woods is a bar that showcases our East Texas woodland region.  The colors of this bar show  the variety of trees in our forests from dark hues to lighter textures and patterns with a palette of amber, charcoal and bronze.


Big Bend Country is a bar that represents the rugged plateaus and desert mountains of West Texas. The colors range from a fiery golden red to the twilight purple that is often found in the West Texas sky. 


Hill Country is a bar that represents the central part of Texas, famous for its many natural springs, hidden caves and deep canyons all nestled among the gorgeous hilly terrain. The colors of this bar highlight the varying hues of green and blue that represent this beautiful region. 


South Texas Plains is a bar that represents the southern part of Texas known for its abundance of wild succulents, thorny shrubs, and other subtropical flora boasting pink, yellow and orange blossoms.


Gulf Coast is a bar that represents the sparkling waters, barrier islands and bays that stretch across the vast Texas coast. The colors of this bar mimic the sand and the sea with warm ivory tones and rich stormy blues.


  • Great for Texans and anyone who loves Texas. 


Tested on real folks, not their furry friends. 


32oz/907g (7 bars/4.5 oz each)






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