Lavender Bloom Shower Steamer
  • Lavender Bloom Shower Steamer


    Our Lavender Bloom shower bomb adds the perfect scent of lavender of to your shower - great for calming the senses. 


    Shower bombs are the perfect addition to your daily shower routine. Much like bath bombs, shower bombs combine the power of fragrance and essential oils to create a spa-like shower experience.


    Just place one shower bomb in the corner of your shower or in any spot that is not in a direct water stream, hit with the occasional blast of hot water and let the steam do the rest. This is a great way to get your daily dose of aromatherapy.


    Note: Our shower bombs come in sheer organza bags that can be used with the bomb to hang the bag in your shower for maximum results. 


    Each shower bomb is good for 5+ uses!


    Tested on real folks, not their furry friends.


    3 OZ


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