MoonCake Bath Bomb

MoonCake Bath Bomb


Mooncake - This cupcake shaped bath bomb has hints of umbra moon with a whimsical twist. The bright green and purple hues create a fantastic sudsy, bubbly bath time experience with a wild cherry and almond scent. This awesome concoction is topped with sprinkles and sparkles and even though this bath bomb looks yummy, please do not ingest! 


Bear Creek Bath bombs are awesome! They float, spin and fill your bath with soft, pillowy foam, vibrant colors and amazing scents.


We combine the best natural ingredients including organic coconut oil, kaolin clay, salts and essential oils to provide a soothing, sudsy, scented luxury bath experience.


You can use each bath bomb for one long soak or cut them in half to use multiple times.


Our bath bombs are made fresh the day you order them and shipped out the next business day!


Tested on real folks, not their furry friends.



Live clean, or

die trying

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