The Spa Day

The Spa Day


Treat yourself with an all-natural Face Care Box designed  and created by Bear Creek Goods.


This amazing box includes: One 4 oz face mask of your choice, a premium face exfoliating loofah pad, a full bar of pure charcoal face soap and a natural wood soap saver to help your face bar last longer. 


Mask Types


Sea Clay and Cucumber (for all skin types) uses a combination of sea clay and kaolin clay to purify the skin. Cucumber Seed oil and Jojoba oil improves the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Spirulina powder with clover & aloe fragrance oil rounds out this amazing mask adding tone and a youthful glow.


Oatmeal and Honey (for normal to dry skin) a creamy, textured mask that uses kaolin and yellow brazillian clay  to remove excess oils and Jojoba oil with oatmeal help to soothe and moisturize the skin. Finally lavender essential oil is added to enhance the calming properties.


Charcoal (for oily skin) uses  both kaolin and bentonite clay to remove excess oil from the skin with the addition of Jojoba beads for an extra exfoliatant.  The blend of avocado, olive and tamanu oil keeps your face moisturized and tea tree esential oil naturally soothes tired skin.


Tested on real folks, not their furry friends!

Face Mask

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