The Fall

In Texas, summer takes its time to fade into the background. We rarely get a sudden cold snap or even the slightest breeze of cool wind before November, but fall does eventually arrive and it cannot come soon enough for me.

Truth be told, I’m a cold weather person. I like to bundle up in layers of clothing, with a scarf to match. I prefer my drinks hot, a bowl of soup for dinner and spending my free time in coffee shops as a light mist settles over the world outside.

For me, fall is about creation and creativity. At least, it’s when I feel the most creative. Downing cups of coffee like I’m in a contest, and churning out ideas that land on the page and quickly get replaced with a newer and better ones - I'm content.

So even though the Texas fall hasn't officially started, I welcome it with open arms - sweater bearing arms. I can’t wait for pumpkin patches, spiced lattes and longer nights.

It’s a slow change, but a beautiful one.

For auditory fall vibes, listen to our seasonal playlist on Spotify!


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