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In our modern world, with the constant barrage of notifications and ever-expanding calendars, it’s easy to get lost in the hectic pace that is our daily lives. Sometimes that instantaneous lifestyle can make us lose sight of or even get annoyed at the slower moments. We often forget to just stop, and take time for simple experiences. Here, at Bear Creek, we believe one of those experiences is a nice, slow-paced shave.

To help you take back that moment, we’ve created the Basic Shave Kit. The kit comes with our very own Sandalwood Silk Shave Soap,  a natural badger hair brush, and our classic charcoal face soap round.

We’ve been testing this kit for the last six months and can confidently say that it’s better than any commercial kit out there. On top of that, it’s affordable. We feel that everyone deserves a quality shave at a price that doesn't break the bank.    

Cedar & Leather After Shave Tonic

We’ve also added our very own organic after shave tonic  - the perfect post shave balm. For that masculine smell, we took cues from the nature that surrounds us. Since we live in the the Texas Hill Country, we chose cedar as our base and then added notes of leather for a dark, rich texture. This may seem like an odd choice, but believe us when we say that the two together create a bold, adventurous scent that we're sure you'll love.   

Shaving is a sacred art form that can only be accomplished with the right tools and a little time. We've got the tools and you've got the time.

So spend some time with yourself. Seize your moment. Take back your morning. Your face will thank you and your day will be exceptional.

Cedar & Leather Soap

New Item!

Cedar & Leather bath bar.

Our Cedar & Leather bath bar is made with a smooth coconut oil base, soothing mango butter, exfoliating, American hops for texture and pure Texas rainwater.

We finish this unique bar with a touch of natural Cedar & Leather fragrance oil that has the bold scent of fresh cut cedar complimented with dark, rich leather. This is the perfect masculine scent and compliments and works well with our all-natural after shave tonic.

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