Fearless and Intentional Living


In this frantic and busy world, it is easy to get lost between the deadlines and the headlines. There is so much to do and so many things vying for your attention that it’s hard to take a second just to stop and smell the roses. Besides, if you stop, you may lose your place in line.

Here at Bear Creek Goods we believe in taking our time. Not only should you stop and smell the roses, you should pick a few and add them to your bath water! :)

Seriously though, the idea of fearless and intentional living is the backbone of our company.  It’s why we started this and also what guides every decision we make. Jacob and I agreed from day one that no matter what, we would create only high quality, natural products that we would use ourselves (we do) and be proud to share with others. So far, so good.

That is one way we are promoting living intentionally. So what is intentional living?

To us intentional living means living with purpose, being true to what you believe, and making every moment count. It can be as simple as taking a walk in your garden or as grand as hiking the Appalachian Trail - whatever helps you slow down and refocus - that is intentional living.

The idea of fearlessness is the other part to our philosophy.  People have asked me why we chose “For the Fearless” for our tagline. It’s not an obvious choice for personal care products, but to me it’s the perfect description of the people that choose to use our products and the kind of people that we strive to be.

Fearlessness can mean different things. Some people climb Mount Everest or kayak the Amazon and they are indeed fearless. But the most fearless people I know have never set foot on another continent. They are courageous everyday doing things like:  standing up to bullies, battling cancer, or speaking up for what they believe in - all undeniably fearless.

These are the ideas that drive us and hopefully inspire you.

Until Next Time,

j Karre


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