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Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Here at Bear Creek we love the outdoors - campfires, cookouts and crystal clear water - are some of the many things we look forward to in the summer and fall seasons.  Our fondest memories are spent exploring the beautiful nature all around us and Texas has some truly sweet spots. We always knew we would eventually create a line of outdoor products so without further ado we are proud to introduce our Outdoor Collection...


Our all natural insect repellant, affectionately known as BUG OFF, is a lotion and an insect repellant all rolled into one.  

Natural Insect Repellent

Using a fine mix of organic jojoba, coconut and sunflower oils, natural extracts and essential oils, this spray mist goes on silky and smooth leaving a thin, moisturizing insect-proof barrier on your skin. With its blend of citronella, tea tree oil, lavender and other essential oils, your skin will smell fresh and clean all day long. Comes in a handy 4 oz spray bottle. Pick one up today.


Natural Insect Relief Stick

We all know that no matter how much spray you spray or candles you light, some pesky little critters are bound to sneak into your tent at night or you might just catch your leg on a stinging nettle....lucky for you our bug balm is great for both - made from 100% organic oils, beeswax, herbs and scents - this pocket-sized dynamo is all you need.

Just Remember ... No sting, or fang, or claw, or prick can defeat our Bug Balm stick!

Catchy right? Well even if you don't like the jingle you can't beat the price - $2 for a little calm and collected sounds like a good deal to us.

CAMP SOAP (on a rope)

Three Varieties - Mint Eucalyptus, Lemon Tea & Citronella & Anise Hunter's Soap

If you're lucky enough to get a campsite with a shower, this little beauty is a real life saver - just hang it up around the nozzle until you need it and wash away.

If roughin' it is more your style, this bar is tough enough to go anywhere and still get you squeaky clean.  Just hang it on your pack or in our case,  your kayak...and take it anywhere.

This dependable, long lasting bar comes in the extra large variety - 6 OZ  of the good stuff!

Comes in two insect repellant scents - Lemon Tea & Citronella and Mint Eucalyptus 

NEW - Hunter's Soap on a Rope - Anise Scented

Whether you are camping, climbing, canoeing or cooking out, Bear Creek Goods has got you covered! So go over to Outdoor Goods and give these awesome new products a try!

P. S.  Check out our NEW Hemp Salve - a perfect balm to treat your skin.


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