Anyone Can Be Fearless

Fearless Girl by Kristen VIsbal

In my life I have met many "fearless" people. They have been young and old, from all different backgrounds and even different social circumstances. It doesn't really matter who you are or where you come from.

Anyone can be fearless.

There is one secret, though, a common denominator in all fearless people. Fearless people know that life is full of challenges and they make a conscious choice everyday to face those challenges boldly.

Fearlessness is a choice.

Me - Five and Fearless

Making that choice is easier said than done. I've personally struggled with it my entire life.

I see all kind of media telling me to be fearless and I want to, more than anything. When I look at art like the Fearless Girl sculpture (above) it inspires me and reminds me of the fearless little kid that I once was.

In truth, most kids are fearless. They are born that way. They haven't been harshly rejected, failed spectacularly or lost something or someone important to them, so they walk though life boldly. They way we all should.

In my own personal struggle to embrace fearlessness, I have found a few things that help.

Here five guidelines to fearless living:

  1. Be RealIt’s okay to be fragile and vulnerable. That's what makes us human. Acknowledging your humanity makes you able to empathize with others and to identify and understand your own fears.

  2. Be DeterminedYou will fail. It's inevitable. But when you do, don't give up! Get up and try again until you reach your goal

  3. Ask QuestionsNo person is an island. Everyone needs help sometimes. Don’t be afraid to seek wisdom from others who know more than you. It keeps you grounded and humble.

  4. Speak Up When something does not make sense to you or goes against your beliefs, challenge it. By taking the initiative to speak up for yourself and your beliefs, you will gain confidence and courage.

  5. Take Risks You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you are afraid to put yourself out there, even at the cost of rejection, you won't grow. You can't be passive and be bold at the same time.

Hopefully you will be encouraged by the fact that we all struggle with and sometimes fail in our attempts to be brave. I say keep trying and accept that challenges will come your way. Embrace them and walk boldly.

Be Fearless

Dedicated to my mother, Arlene Anne Jones - Villastrigo (1952 - 1983) my first and best example of fearlessness.

To read more about the Fearless Girl statue click this link.


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