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We know a thing or two about solving problems.


Why is Bear Creek Goods Soap better for me than store brand soap?

Commercial soaps take out the glycerin that naturally occurs during the soapmaking process to sell separately for use in lotions and other products to make a bigger profit.  Often they use animal based oils (lard and tallow) to make their soap which tends to dry your skin. 


Bear Creek Goods is committed to making high quality soap and bath products. We leave in the good, moisturizing glycerin and add the best plant based oils, herbs and butters in all our products to create each handmade batch. That’s why our soap is better for you.

Will your soap melt like other handmade soaps I have tried?

We use a blend of oils that keeps the soap firm, yet moisturizing. Since our handmade soap contains natural glycerin, you shouldn't let it sit in a soap dish that doesn't drain well or let it sit in water or it may get mushy. You can purchase soap savers from Bear Creek Goods to keep your soap dry.

Do you have a shop?

Yes.  Our retail store, The Outpost, is located at 171 Castle Lake Road,  Pipe Creek, Texas 78063. 

Hours: Tues - Fri noon - 6pm and by appointment on Saturday and Sunday.

How soon will I receive my order?

We primarily ship using USPS and offer flat rate shipping for the continental U.S. plus Hawaii and Alaska. The price varies based on your geographical location and  orders over $30 are shipped for free.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes we sell wholesale. For wholesale orders email us at We will need your business name and business tax ID to complete all wholesale orders. New Wholesale page coming soon!

Can you wash your face with this?

Yes.  Our soap is mild and gentle, and formulated for all skin types. We also offer two facial specific products:  Battle Bear Skin Defense face stick and Tea Tree Charcoal. Both are specially produced with tamanu oil and charcoal to keep your face clean, clear and protected. 

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We've got high standards when it comes to bathing.

We want everyone to feel good about what they put on their skin. Quality goods, made right.

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